GOs & Proceedings

Telangana State GOs & Proceedings        
    GOs from 2013 to 2019 & PRC GOs
    Election duty - Payment of TA / DA remuneration
    ASER-2019 Report
    GO RT No.3022 General Holidays & Optional Holidays for the year 2020
    Powers to Comlpex HMs;Memo 9291/Ser I/A1/2019 dt 13.12.2019
    GO No.25; dt 13.12.2019 TS Model Schools Service Rules
    General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2020
    TS DA JAN 2019 @ 33.536% Go No.88; dt.06.11.2019
    Teachers should not use cell phones in class rooms
    TS Academic Calendar 2019-20
    TS DA JULY 2018 @ 30.392% Go No.36; dt.01.06.2019
    TS DA January 2018 @ 27.248% Go No. 143; dt.05.09.2018
    Telangana Teachers' transfers GO No.16 dt. 06.06.2018
    DA July 2017 @ 25.676% Go No. 55; dt.17.05.2018
    Half day Schools & Implementation of Optional holidays in HS
    Medical Reimbursement facility extended upto March 2017 GO. No. 6 dt. 30-01-2018
    DA Jan 2017 @ 24.104% GO No. 135; Dt. 22.09.2017
    EHS– Providing Cashless Medical& REIMBURSEMENT PARALLEL treatment GO 110; 29.06.17
    Academic Calendar For the Year 2017-18
    Employees Cadres Re Organisation in TS into Two Tier System GO No.142
    PRC - 2015 Arrears Instructions to DDOs
    Pensioners' DR GO MS No 61; date 22.04.2017
    DA GO MS No 58; date 20.04.2017
    Badi Baata 2017-18 Schedule
    Fee Reiumbursement Application Form
    Teachers' Online DATA Form
    IT FY 2016-17 Circular to Tax Deduction at Source instruction C.No. 01/2017 Dt. 02.01.2017
    RC 5580 RMSA Annual Grants utilisation guidelines
    GO MS 209; dt 21.11.2016 Child care Leave
    GO Rt 134; dt 1.10.2016 MDM Cooking Cost enhanced in TS w.e.f 01.07.2016
    TS Academic Calendar 2016-17
    GO.122 Enhancement of Funeral charges / obsequies charges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000
    SSC Spot Valuation Schedule in TS
    Vindham Thelusukundham Feb & Mar-2016 Schedule in TS
    G.O.Rt.No.3456 dt 31-12-2015 Jan 1st declared as General Holiday
    G.O.MS.No. 112 Extention of Medical reiumbursement up to 31-6-2016
    GO No 27; dt.24-09-2015 Enhancement of Tuition Fee Reiumbursement
    Rc No 815 Dt 01.09.1999 Certain clarification on absence on the re opening day or closing day of vacations of schools
    Rc 330 dt 25.8.2015; Guidlines for Engaging Vidhya Volunteers/Academic Instructors
    Rc 2052 dt 24-8-2015 Balika Chethana Committee formation Guidlines in schools
    TS Academic Calenders 2015-16 & CCE Records
    PRC - 2015 Latest GOs & Pay Fixation Software TS & AP
    GO No 12 DSE Dt 16.06.2015, Transfers rules 2015
    GO No 11 DSE Dt 15.06.2015, Norms for Rationalisation
    Mid Day Meal Programme – Enhancement of cooking cost w.e.f. 01.07.2014
    Rc.No.419/D/C&T/TSCERT/2015,Dt: 02.05.2015 Guidelines for Selection of RPs
    Application for Resource Persons
    Memo No. D3/1663/2015 dt.7-4-2015 Sanction of AAS SPP I-A to SC,ST untrained Teachers
    GO.26 dt.18-3-2015 PRC DA @ 0.524% Fixed for every 1% of Central DA
    GO.27 dt.18-3-2015 HRA Rates in Telangana PRC
    GO.28 dt.18-3-2015 CCA Rates in Telangana as per PRC 2015
    Proc.No.51; Dt. 13.03.2015- Half day Schools in Telangana State
    Proc.No.7 Dt 13.02.2015-Monitoring of Schools in TS By State level Officers
    Comparison of Pay Scales basing on 10th PRC Report and Present Pay Scales
    Rc.733 Restrictions on Using Cell Phones in Class Rooms by Teachers and Students
    GO Rt 1432 Dt 23.12.14-Declaration of Boxing Day (26.12.2014) as General Holiday
    GO.1390 1st Jan 2015 is Public Holiday and 14.02.15( II nd Sat ) is Working day
    GO.33 Medical Reibursement in Telangana valid upto 30th Nov 2014
    GO.8 BC Creamy Layer Annual Income fixed at 6 Lakh in Telangana
    Go No. 995 & 996 dt 5.11.14 List of Holidays in the Year 2015
    EHS GO No:32 & Hospital List;Details in TELUGU
    Rc.5 dt. 4.10.2014 Primary Teachers Training for 3 Days from 20th Oct in Telangana State
    New DA 77.896%  Table
    GO.35 dt. 01.10.2014 New DA 77.896% from 1st July 2014
    GO No. 6 dt.27-09-2014 Rationalization Norms
    GO No. 6 Rationalization GO Norms in TELUGU
    SSA ACTION PLAN ON 3RS Programme daywise & weekwise Schedule & Content
    GO.595 Ban Temporarily Lifted on Transfers, appointments, promotions
    GO.17 Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Options in Telangana after Bifurcation
    GO.5 dt.11.9.14 Compassionate Appointments-Implementation of GO.113 to Aided Staff
    TS CCE Pupil Grading Register  PS        UPS & HS
    TS All Schools New Time Table    PS      UPS     HS
    TS Govt. Employees Salary Ready Reckoner
    GO.51 dt.28-8-14 Reflect Telangana Culture in Telugu, Social Text Books - Review Committee Constituted
    GO.No.3,Dt:27.08.2014 New Timings for All Schools
    GO.No.2,Dt:26.08.2014 Examination reforms for classes IX and X
    Summative-I Model Question Papers by SCERT
    GO No. 23 dt.13-8-14 Telangana Spl. Increment to State Govt. Employees
    Rc.No.25 TS SSA Monitoring Team visits to districts in Aug-2014
    GO.75 T State Intensive Household Survey-Holiday on 19.08.2014 Under Telangana Shops and Establishments Act,2014
    GO.360 Telangana State Intensive Household Survey - Declared August 19th as Holiday
    GO-243 Guidelines for authorization-preparation of Certain Bills prior to 2nd June
    GO.No.8 Telangana State Mana Vooru-Mana Pranalika Programme - Detailed Guidelines
GO.36 Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana (FAST) Scheme
GO.43 Telangana State Public Service Commission Constituted (TPSC)-Notification Issued.
GO.16 TG Social Welfare Dept is now Scheduled Caste Development Dept
    RVM Name changed as Telangana SSA
    Rc-1 Urdu Med School Timings in Telangana During Ramzan
    Payment of Grant-in Aid Salaries to the staff of Aided institutions
    GO.6 Contribution of 1Day Basic Pay to CMRF from Jun Salaries
    Ramzan Permission to Telangana Muslim Employees to leave Offices at 4pm
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