2021 GOs & Proceedings

Telangana State Year 2021 GOs & Proceedings        
    GO No.317; Date : 06-12-2021 Organization of Local Cadres
    GO No.259; Date : 30-08-2021 Prescription of minimum service for promotion-Ad-hoc Rule
    GO No.256; Date : 27-08-2021 Scheme for Organization for Local Cadres in ZP Schools
    GO No.255; Date : 27-08-2021 Scheme for Organization for Local Cadres in Government Schools
    GO No.92; Date : 16-08-2021 TSGLI SLABS & INSURABLE AGE 56
    GO No. 91; Dt.12.08.2021; GIS Slabs
    GO Rt No....; Date : 12-08-2021 Warangal U & R as Hanamkonda & Warangal Districts
    GO No.51: Dt. 11.06.2021; PRC Main GO
    GO No.52: Dt. 11.06.2021; DA
    GO No.53: Dt. 11.06.2021; HRA
    GO No.54: Dt. 11.06.2021; CCA
    GO No.55: Dt. 11.06.2021; Consolidation of Pension
    GO No.56: Dt. 11.06.2021; RETIREMENT GRATUITY
    GO No.57: Dt. 11.06.2021; Additional Quantum of Pension
    GO No.58: Dt. 11.06.2021; Family Pension to CPS Employee
    GO No.59: Dt. 11.06.2021; Medical Allowances to Pensioners
    GO No.60: Dt. 11.06.2021; Contracting and Outsourcing
    GO No.63: Dt. 15.06.2021; Contracting and Outsourcing Remuneration Enhance
    GO No.65: Dt. 17.06.2021; Automatic Advancement Scheme
    Pay Fixation Circular Memo No.755-A/33/A1/HRM.IV/2021; Dt.17.06.2021
    GO MS No.128; Date : 30-06-2021 Zonals Regulation
    GO No.904;26.04.2021 Late submission of TSGLI Propsals
    GO No.56;26.04.2021 Promoting all the students of I to IX during the A Y-2020-21
    Rs.1 Lakh only Medical Reiumbursment claim for COVID-19 Treatment
    GO No. 82; Rs.1,000 fine for not wearing masks in public places
    Rc. 54; Implementation of Half Day schools from dt.07.04.2021
    GO No.46; dt.31.03.21; Former Local Bodies Employees Pay Protection
    GO No.45; dt.30.03.2021; Retirement age enhanced 58 years to 61years
    GO No.79; dt.18.03.2021; Medical Reiumbursement Facility Extended till 30.09.2021
    PS Teachers attend the schools daily from 3rd March
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