Income Tax Software FY 2020-21 (Trial & Desktop Version)
  Income Tax Software FY 2020-21(Trial & Mobile Version)        
Telangana State GOs & Proceedings
    D A Ready Reckoner for any D A with CPS
    Tour Diary for MEO, GHM, RPs.. updated on 16.12.2020
    JVV Health Camp Software dt.16-10-2020
    Admission & Withdrawals Register Software dt.18-12-2020
    Surrender Leaves Software (For 50 Members) dt.16-10-2020
    Surrender Leaves Software dt.16-10-2020
    AAS (6/12/18/24 Years) Software dt.11-08-2020
    Medical Reimbursement Proposals dt.18-12-2020
    Medical reimbursement Paybill Form - 58 updated on 18-12-2020
    Annual Grade Increment For 50 Members updated on dt.12.08.2020
    Income Tax F.Y. 2019-20 Software for TS & AP dt.28-01-2020
    Half Pay Leave Commutation with Pay bill & Proceeding
    Relieving and Joining dt. 28/10/2019
    Last Pay Certificate LPC Updated on 08.11.2019
    Salary Certificate
    Mid Day Meals Report Software for TS & AP dt. 05.02.2020
    Convert Numbers in to words Rupees
    Income Tax F.Y. 2018-19 Software for TS & AP
    Income Tax F.Y. 2017-18 Software for TS & AP
    CCE 2016-17 Annual Grade Report For PS # TS & AP dt.11.03.2017
    Income Tax F.Y. 2016-17 Software for TS & AP
    CCE-2016-17 Grading Software Primary School TS & AP dt:04.10.2016
    Income Tax F.Y. 2015-16 Software For TS & AP
    Income Tax F.Y. 2014-15 Software
    Income Tax F.Y. 2013-14 Software
    Paper Token and APTC 101
    CCE Annual Grading Report 2014-15 ( FA-4 +SA-3 ) Classes 6-10
    CCE Annual Grading Report 2014-15 ( FA-4 +SA-3 ) Classes 1-5
    BMI Calculator
    విద్యార్థి వార్షిక ప్రగతి నమోదు ( Annual Report Software ) for Classes I to V
    Bio-Data for Un-Employees
    CCE 2013-14 Grading Software For 6,7, 8th
    CCE 2013-14 Grading Software for I to V
    CCE 2013-14 Grading Software for I to V
    E L Calculator
    EMI Calculator
    Saving Software
    Age Calculator
    Find Day of any Date
    Calender For Any YEAR